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    Est. August 2019

    A quick introduction

    Hey there stranger! Welcome to our community. I'm happy to introduce you to this beautiful and family oriented place we call California Justice Roleplay. We say "family oriented" as this is way more then just your average FiveM roleplay community. In here everyone has the same voice and input and is treated like any other member. We care about each other, and bond together as a family. Its hard to describe, but within the first week of your membership, you can already tell the feeling. Together with our friendly members, well trained staff and our great development team, we take every step to make our roleplay as realistic as possible, and also make you feel at home.

    Our standards

    Within CJRP, we aim for highly realistic roleplay scenarios. We train our Emergency Personell to a high standard, that is accurate to their real life academy program. We offer the most freedom to our Civilian Department to show your full creative potential, and create scenes that leave a "Woah, this is sick..." on everyone's face. If you have problems with your pc, questions regarding the server or even mental health issues, our staff team is always here to help you to the best of their ability. That is what makes California Justice stand out from other communities, we take the extra step to really get to know each and every member.

    Our history


    "In around 2018, I retired from a pretty big roleplay community. I felt like there was always something wrong with every community i joined. Servers where either unrealistic, with people shooting each other every minute, cars flying past you at 200+mph or the general layout and regulations where messy and unclear. My main problem with almost all communities, was that nobody took the time to get to know each other. If you made a mistake, you instantly got warned for it, or even worse, banned with no explanation whatsoever. I decided to create a community that was family oriented, and was focused on implementing the things, other communities didnt have. And so, Arizona Justice Roleplay was created. This was the first ever server that we had, and ran for over 2 years, after we shut it down for personal reasons, as well as a big decrease in interest for Arizona based servers. After a month, we rebranded to what is now known as California Justice." - Jeff P. Community Founder

    Quotes from members within CJRP

    Tony M.

    I have been a member of this community for a long time. I have enjoyed every moment of it and always look forward to the new server updates, going on patrol or just hanging out and chatting with everyone. If you are looking for a server that has members and staff that will treat you with respect and has realistic RP, then this is the server to join.

    Russel D.

    I have been apart of many public servers/startups as well as a few big name RP communities. This one is by far one of the best I’ve seen the COC is well structured and polite. The members are friendly and warm. I highly recommend this server to those starting RP or are veterans. 10/10 Cant wait to see my future here.

    Matt R.

    I’ve been in many FiveM communities over the years but this one is different. This community strides for realism and dedication. The staff team is professional and quick to help new members/recruits out when they can. I almost instantly got interviewed and put into the department of my choice and was ready to start patrolling very soon. I highly recommend this community if you are looking for a place to be yourself and have fun.

    Justin S.

    This was my first time joining an RP server and CJRP was extremely welcoming. The community is ready to answer any and all questions you may have. A lot of effort has gone into making the map feel like California, from the accurate law enforcement elements to the renaming of locations.

    Buck W.

    As a new member to this community, I can say with 100% certainty that they pride themselves in professionalism and realism. The admin staff goes above and beyond to help you. As this is my first FiveM community they took the time to teach me all the basics and even got a ride along with the director on my first day with them and he personally showed me the ropes. Any community like that is worth the time to check out, I’ll be here for a long while and I hope more of you will join the CJRP family !

    Courtney B.

    The California Justice Roleplay community has been by far the most inviting, professional, fun online community that I have ever been apart of. The staff team and developers are exceedingly loyal to the server and always working hard to keep the community going strong.

    James H.

    I joined CJRP back when it was Arizona based in 2019 and honestly it's the best FiveM community experience I've ever had. The staff are always friendly and the community is a huge family environment. We don't just play FiveM, we play loads of games and it's a real awesome atmosphere. I suggest you give CJRP a chance, the content of the server and the effort put into the polish is unbelievable. I know it sounds like I'm overhyping things but honestly it's great.

    Convinced yet?

    If you would like to be a part of the California Justice Roleplay Community, you may join our recruitment Discord server. You can do this by clicking here. When you have joined the server, you can check out each channel for their respective departments. In each channel, you will be able to see what each department offers within the community, whether or not they're open, and they're minimum requirements to join. You can also check out all of the department pages both at the top and bottom of this page. If you're interested in pursuing a membership within our community, you may create a ticket and schedule an interview with either a staff member or department interviewer. Good luck!

    Hope to see you out an patrol!

    Jeff Polar
    Community Director

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