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    Est. August 2019


    Welcome to California Justice. We are happy to introduce you to a community known for our realistic roleplay and professionalism. In here everyone has the same voice and input and is treated like any other member. Get the most out of your roleplay sessions at CJRP with enthusiastic and professional members mixed with our realistic effort in our server resources.

    The California Justice Roleplay Community (formerly known as Arizona Justice) has been serving several people from around the world an astonishing roleplay experience. With our unique composition of vehicles, outfits and weapons we aim for the best possible scenarios and recreate ones that could happen on a daily occurrence.

    However, California Justice is more then just a gaming community where we share our stories and experiences, we are a family that care about each other and look out for one another. That is what makes CJRP stand out from all the other servers.

    Want to join us?

    If you would like to be a part of the California Justice Roleplay Community, you may join our recruitment Discord server. You can do this by clicking here. When you have joined the server, you can check out each channel for their respective departments. In each channel, you will be able to see what each department offers within the community, whether or not they're open, and they're minimum requirements to join. You can also check out all of the department pages both at the top and bottom of this page. If you're interested in pursuing a membership within our community, you may create a ticket and schedule an interview with either a staff member or department interviewer. Good luck!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: “What Departments can i apply for?”
    A: CJRP Offers 4 Departments and you can be apart of 2. CJRP Offers: Civilian Services | Law Enforcement | Fire/EMS and Dispatch Operations

    Q: “With the 5000+ servers out there, why would i choose CJRP?”
    A: In my opinion my server gives the most freedom, we have none to little restrictions on RP Scenarios, Weapon use or vehicles! Also every high ranking position has the same “voice” as a Recruit. This is to prohibit the abuse of power. We are one community and one family. Not a lot of small groups within a community.

    Q: “I’m 14 years old, can i still join CJRP?”
    A: In CJRP, most of our departments handle an age limit of 16 years old. BUT! Dont be afraid to apply! We can make exceptions! As long as you are mature enough to roleplay properly and realistic, you are welcome into our family! If you are interested in joining Civilian Services, there is no age limit, however that does not excuse poor behaviour.

    Q: “Is CJRP a whitelisted community?”
    A: "Yes, we are whitelisted to ensure good quality roleplay sessions. After all, we all just want to have fun!

    Q: "I have been banned from CJRP. How do I appeal?"
    A: "You may submit a ban appeal at the bottom of this page, a staff member will eventually take the time to read your appeal and consider your case. They will then take the action they deem necessary, whether that be allowing you in after a certain time frame or keeping you banned. Do not question a staff member's decision as it is always final, if you have any doubt in a staff member's capability, you may contact the support team, however, talking back to them is not a way to get your voice heard as they're only doing their job."

    Hope to see you out an patrol!

    Jeff Polar
    Community Director

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